Perry Baptist Church 

Perry Baptist Church is a place where believers dive deep into the mystery of
who God is and what He is like. Our prayer is that God would be glorified. 

What to expect

Here at Perry Baptist Church, we consider it a privilege to have you as our guest! We are a small church with a love for people, a desire to grow, an ambition to transform our community with the Gospel, and a zeal for the glory of God.

You can expect to receive a warm welcome from our Pastor and members! However, we understand that some people do not like to be put at the center of attention. This is why we do not have an official "meet and greet" time where we welcome visitors. Rather, our Pastor and members will meet you individually before or after the services. You can talk as much or as little as you would like!

 We currently sing hymns to the tune of a piano. However, we would be open to singing some contemporary music, should The Lord lead musicians to our congregation. Regardless of the style of music we sing, musical worship is made essential by Scripture, and is an essential part of our services!

Our Pastor generally preaches between 25-30 minute expository sermons. He is energetic, passionate, and always seeks to interpret the text how the author intended it to be interpreted, while applying it to our 21st century lives.

We worship our Lord Jesus through prayer, song, fellowship, and preaching. Whether you are a back row Baptist, someone looking for a church home, a new Christian, or even a skeptic of the Christian faith, we would love to see you at Perry Baptist Church!