Perry Baptist Church 

Perry Baptist Church is a place where believers dive deep into the mystery of
who God is and what He is like. Our prayer is that God would be glorified. 

Ms. Ethel McGee

Ms. Ethel McGee graduated Casa High School in 1953. She has lived in Perry her entire life, while also attending Perry Baptist Church. God has blessed Ms. Ethel with an uncanny ability to play the piano at a high level, and she has not wasted that talent!

Movies/TV shows: Any suspense or drama. I love CSI Miami!

Books: Left behind is my favorite series. Any Christian fiction is good with me. Max Lucado is my favorite author.

Hobbies: I love my grandkids, so pretty much anything to do with them! I also love to cook, people tell me that's what I do best.

Music: Casting Crowns is my favorite band, but I love anything on K-Love!