Perry Baptist Church 

Perry Baptist Church is a place where believers dive deep into the mystery of
who God is and what He is like. Our prayer is that God would be glorified. 

Ms. Carol Hill

Carol Hill has lived in Perry her entire life, and graduated from Casa high school. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Central Arkansas. Currently, Carol teaches 5th grade math at Bryant high school, where she has taught for 24 years. God has given Carol the calling and ability to teach and care for children, and that is exactly what she does here at Perry Baptist Church!

Movies/TV shows: Hallmark movies, westerns, and action movies!

Books: I don't like to read much, I typically stick to the Bible and devotionals.

Hobbies: I love looking around at antique stores. "Junking" is what my family calls it. Someone else's trash is my treasure!

Music: Pretty much any contemporary Christian music, specifically Lauren Daigle. I also love the Gathers!

Kaitlin Himes

Kaitlin grew up in Greenbrier Arkansas, recently graduating from Greenbrier High School in 2014. In January, Kaitlin moved to Perry after marrying our Pastor, Shane Himes.  Previously, Kaitlin worked with children in her home town at a daycare. She is now an administrative assistant for Soaring Wings Ranch in Holland,  a nonprofit organization that cares for children from broken families. She has a genuine heart for children and a love for Christ!

Movies/TV shows: Anything on HGTV. I love the Divergent Series, as well as The Office.

Hobbies: I like hanging out with family and friends, shopping and working with computers!

Music: I mainly listen to contemporary Christian and country.